Win a treasure that no one has in the cellar!

Want to win two hundred unique wines? Or at least thirty bottles? Take part in the biggest wine competition ever. Two hundred winemakers have reached into their secret supplies for wines that are exceptional and inaccessible. But you can get to them! The three winners will receive 200 bottles and each month one of you will win 30 wines.

How to play?

Buy a competition cardboard with a sticker. You will find the competition code in it, which you will register on the website www.tosivypijeme.cz.

We wish you good luck in the competition!

Stary vrch Cuvée 2017

For our winery, we donated 2017 to Cuvée Starý vrch. This wine is special in that the vineyard from which the grapes come is already grubbed up. We planted a new vineyard here and we have the last few bottles of this unique wine left, which we produced from the vineyards next to our winery in Hustopeče. The cuvée consists of Sauvignon and Riesling, these varieties are collected together in the vineyard and thus go through the whole production process together. A unique wine is created, in which you will find fresh tones of peach and a pleasant aroma of tropical fruit.

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