Kamelot & Roman Horký in Stary vrch Winery

Dear lovers of good music, wine, food and summer sunsets, we have an event for you that has never been here before. He will perform directly at our winery on Friday, July 19. from 19:00 group Kamelot & Roman Horký.

Come and spend Friday night with us, admission costs CZK 250 and can be purchased on the day of the event on site. There will be refreshments in the form of barbecue, beer bar, wine from our production and perfect fun!

What do the Camelots say about themselves?

“It all started in Brno in 1982. Roman Horký and Radek” Bůček “Michal – two enthusiasts who founded the band and decided to conquer the world. Life was about guitars, songs and especially about energy and joy. This is how the Kamelot group was formed. The band’s initial work included Kamelot in the “Folk a country” box, where the band is still included today. The author of all the lyrics and the composer of the music is the singer and leader of the group Roman Horký, who is currently the only member of the original Kamelot.

Roman Horký does not prefer any musical style. He gives his songs the kind of coat they feel belongs to them. Once more modern, once more traditional. They are united by their common spirit. Many of Roman Horký’s more than three hundred compositions are reminiscent of diary entries of the moods and feelings of the singer’s soul. As we go through his albums, it’s as if we have one human life in our hands. In his records of happiness or sadness, we feel a reflection of what we live for.“

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