Pour it
From the Top

Taste the grapes, born
between apricots and almonds.

From Orchard to Orchard

We will welcome you among the apricots and say goodbye next to the almond trees. Hundreds of trees surround our winery.
And that’s why we also sort our wines by them.

The Solitaire

The one tree on which your eyes are fixed. It attracts attention with its uniqueness and character. It is alone. Yet it will provide you with the best company.

Pinot Gris 2019 will be your perfect first choice from this premium line of wines. With the aroma of honey and the woody taste, you will enjoy moments that will not be repeated.


Alley often witnesses moments that need to be remembered. It shows you a clear direction and accompanies you along the way. And it always awakens our tastes and desires.

Riesling Walnut 2019 will accompany you to any destination. The scent of meadow flowers and the taste of citrus will remain your faithful confidant.

The Orchard

It is here for your moments of peace, rest and laziness. It makes no demands and gives you the opportunity for sweet surrender.

Neuburger 2020 will offer you the chosen fruits of our labor. It will tickle your nose with hints of green apple and, at the same time, refresh you with the taste of blackberries.

An oasis of calm in the middle of nature

An oasis of calm in the middle of nature

We planted a family winery among apricots and almonds in Hustopeče. What awaits you here? And who will invite you to the broom?

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Where to go for good

This year’s events, which you should definitely not miss.

Svátky na Starém vrchu

Great wine, drinks, homemade lemonade and sunbathing!

where: Stary vrch Winery, Hustopece
when: 02.07.2022
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The Solstice with wine 2022

Evening sitting in an apricot orchard.

where: Stary vrch Winery, Hustopece
when: 24.06.2022
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