Stary vrch Winery

Stary vrch Winery was established in 2014 as a concept of modern winery. The architectural design is based on a combination of concrete, wood and natural stone. All of this together creates a pleasant environment for wine tasting, sitting with friends and relaxing.

The production part of the winery is equipped with the most modern technologies for raw material processing, fermentation process control and filtration of the finished wine. The use of these technologies is then closely linked to traditional methods for processing and training wine. A classic in modern operation is the lager cellar, where the wines are matured in French oak barrels.

Our Wines


PF 2022

Dear customers, partners and friends, on behalf of the entire team of the Stary vrch Winery, we would like to... read more

The Burčák Festival 2021 in Hustopece

After the covid break in 2020, the event, which has been proven for years, is finally returning - the... read more

Wine Festivals 2021

It's summer here, the days are warmer and just made for a glass of wine somewhere in the park... read more

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